Obsessive Drawings

I returned my focus to drawing when I created two large scale pieces. I spent a few months on each drawing.  They are both approximately five feet high and drawn in pen and ink.  At the time, I was making elaborate 9×11 pen and ink drawings. I began referring to them as ‘obsessive drawings’ due to the fact that they were detailed and labor intensive to make. One day, as I was making one, I felt compelled to expand it beyond the first frame. I continued to draw until I had twelve sheets of watercolor paper that, like a puzzle, were all connected to complete a single work.  I had initially intended to continue the piece indefinitely, as a continuous drawing that would go on infinitely. However, I ultimately needed the validation of having completed something and also wanted to start a new theme.  On a separate note, I chose to wrap up the first one because I felt that the style and line quality of my drawing was changing. I didn’t want to break up the continuity of the first piece.

The second one is slightly larger and was produced in a similar fashion .  These pieces were heavily influenced by outsider art, Sidney Sime, Harry Clarke and other turn of the century illustrators.

I envisioned something dark, dreamlike and ambiguous in its message. The imagery in the drawing was created subconsciously. In the end, I wanted to create a dialogue that would engage the viewer and allow them the freedom to create their own interpretation.

It is hard to see all of the details, so click on the image to see close-ups.


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