Astrology Illustrations

After finalizing a set of illustrations for harlequin themed plates last year, I aspired to create a new series.  My commitment to illustration had begun to materialize, and I resolved to use the series as an opportunity to develop my style. In addition, I wanted the collection to be a vibrant, animated and uncomplicated diversion from my early drawings, which had incorporated darker imagery. I determined that  the series would be one that people could easily relate to regardless of whether they understood design or illustration. After some deliberation, I elected for an astrological theme.

I referenced a variety of imagery when creating the series. Foremost, I was inspired by the tradition of fashion related horoscope illustration, in additon to art nouveau, pre raphaelite paintings, fashion photography, The Goddess series by Madame Yevonde, head pieces and hairstyling.

All of the illustrations are hand drawn and then scanned into Photoshop, where I then used hand done and photographic textures.


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