New Drawing

While searching for ideas for this piece, I was listening to the New York Times short story podcast online.
 I became very interested in the idea of telling a short story through a drawing. I wanted to make something that evoked a specific mood, but was also visually compelling.

While listening to the podcast, I was looking at images online. I came across a photo by Erwin Blumefeld that immediately appealed to me. In the photo the silhouette of a spider web overlaps the face of a young woman. I appreciated the correlation between the fragile and complex beauty of the web and the delicate femininity of the woman’s face. I felt that the juxtaposition of these images was an unusual and interesting association to make. It also appealed to me that spider webs generally have cryptic or sinister connotations. I became inspired by the concept of a woman caught in a web. I thought that having a backlit image of the moon would add a mysterious and unearthly quality. One thing that I find interesting about short stories is the fact that they often leave unanswered questions. They are a snapshot of a moment in time, and often leave the the reader feeling that they began in the middle of a much larger story. I wanted to take a similar approach with my drawing.

I drew the image, then painted it with watercolor. I then scanned it and made the final touches in Photoshop.


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