Inspiration for MC3AIN Site

Our inspiration for the MC3AIN website that we designed came from these dark and alluring photographs of skull sculptures. Some of the photos look almost as if they’re dripping or melting colors everywhere.


Logo and website for MC3AIN

I have been working on this logo and website design with Pomade for the dubstep musician MC3AIN. Due to the nature of MC3AIN’s music, we made use of dark colors, mixed with bright, synthetic colors. The synthetic color scheme, including those that come from the skull imagery, highlight the electronic nature of his music.

Ceramic sculptures by Joey Chiarello

Joey Chiarello is a sculptor whom the designers at Pomade and I are currently designing a logo and website for. His pieces are fun and expressive, inspired by Ancient Asian art and folklore. About his art, Joey muses, “Growing up, I have always had a great appreciation of the many forms and capabilities of the entire animal kingdom. I am captivated by the stillness of the instinctual nature of each diverse creature.”

Check out more of Joey’s work on his facebook:

Logo for Joey Chiarello

Joey Chiarello is a sculptor who hand-builds narrative  art pieces. His expressive ceramic animals are playful, and animated. Much of Joey’s inspiration comes from  ancient Asian art, design, and folklore.

I designed this logo for Joey, inspired by Japanese pottery stamps.

Quay Brothers exhibit at the Moma

I’ve been following the work of the Quay Brothers for many years and have seen their current exhibit at the MOMA twice already. The exhibition includes many of the sets that they built for their exceptionally inventive and meticulously detailed stop motion animations.  Here is a short animation which is currently being shown there:

(Animation: Quay Brothers, Music: Olga Neuwirth)