Save the Date Illustration

Save the Date illustration by Erina Dempsey


Molecule branding, website and Infographics

This was a complete branding campaign that we worked on for The Molecule Project. We designed posters, their website, and infographics for them, and also worked a little bit on logo re-design. I worked a lot on all of the illustrations for the infographics, and I learned a lot about water and conservation in the process. Check out the infographic I designed about our water filtration system here:

Logo and website for MC3AIN

I have been working on this logo and website design with Pomade for the dubstep musician MC3AIN. Due to the nature of MC3AIN’s music, we made use of dark colors, mixed with bright, synthetic colors. The synthetic color scheme, including those that come from the skull imagery, highlight the electronic nature of his music.